Industry Icon: Mick Vawdrey

As Australia’s largest privately owned OEM, Vawdrey Australia has set many a technology trend over the past 40 years. But if you ask Mick Vawdrey, the man who started it all, it’s the company’s committed workforce that continues to make all the difference....

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Mick Vawdrey, engineering industry icon

Industry Icon: Bob Pearson

It was an unusually windy day in the spring of 1983 when a group of journalists, policemen, council representatives and local businessmen got together in an abandoned yard in Port Melbourne to witness trucking history in the making. The sooty dirt was whirling...

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Bob Pearson, engineering industry icon

Industry Icon: Bob Woodward

It’s safe to say the advent of the B-double – still the nation’s most prevalent High Productivity Freight Vehicle (HPFV) – paved the way for the development of Australia’s world unique Performance-Based Standards (PBS) scheme – both from a mentality and engineering...

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Industry Icon: Geoff Bartlett

What happened on a warm Thursday evening in early September as part of the Australian Road Transport Suppliers’ Association’s (ARTSA) inaugural Life Members Dinner in Melbourne may have received little attention elsewhere, but marked a milestone for Australian road...

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Geoff Bartlett - engineering industry icon

Industry Icon: Grant Smyth

It’d be tempting to portray Grant Smyth, the now 70-year-old mastermind behind iconic refrigerated trailer brand, Fibreglass Transport Equipment (FTE), as a classic self-made man who, through hard work, talent, grit and a bit of luck, managed to rise from virtually...

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Grant Smyth - engineering industry icon