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Smedley's Engineers offers its specialised engineering services to businesses and organisations around Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.

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Automotive Engineering

Smedley's Engineers are considered leaders in the heavy vehicle and transport industry. Our specialised and expansive Automotive Engineering services mean that we are able to provide our clients and partners with end-to-end support. Our Automotive Engineering services include:
Performance Based Standards (PBS)
Smedley's Engineers can support all of your Performance Based Standards (PBS) requirements, from concept to certification and route access approval, including:

- Assessment
- Certification
- Access
- Route Review and Advice
- NHVR Access Applications
- Portal Management

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Heavy Vehicle & Light Vehicle Engineering
Smedley's Engineers provides services in the areas of both Heavy Vehicle & Light Vehicle Engineering, including:

- Finite Element Analysis
- Component Design
- Heavy Vehicle Design
- Light Vehicle Design
- Testing & Certification

Vehicle Certification, Compliance & Imports
Smedley's can take care of all of your Vehicle Certification, Compliance & Imports needs, including:

- Second Stage of Manufacture (SSM)
- Heavy Trailer Compliance
- Submissions under the MVSA
- Vehicle Import Approval
- ADR Certification with the Australian Government
- ADR Vehicle Type Approval
- Component Registration Number (CRN) Approval
- VIC, NSW & QLD Vehicle Modification Approval

Testing: ADR, RFS, SRT & More
Smedley's handles testing and certifications across numerous areas, including:

- Australian Design Rules (ADR)
- Road Friendly Suspension (RFS) Testing
- Static Roll Threshold (SRT)
- Vehicle Performance Validation

Policy Regulation & Safety
Smedley's comprehensive Policy, Regulation and Safety services include, but are not limited to:

- Crash / Incident Investigation & Reconstruction
- Heavy Vehicle & Operations Safety Auditing
- Regulation / Policy Review & Advice
- Technology Review & Advice

Infrastructure & Civil Engineering

In more recent years, Smedley's Engineers has commenced providing its engineering services in other areas. This includes both infrastructure and civil industries, as well as mining and hydro. As a result, Smedley's Engineers is fully equipped to provide support via the following:
Mechanical Infrastructure
- Mechanical Equipment Design
- Plant Access-Ways, Ladders and Platforms
- Plant Pipework and Supports
- Industrial Steel Structures
GIS, Mapping & Drafting
- GPS Site Feature Survey & Digitisation
- Earthworks Design and Volume Analysis
- Land Management Plan, Site Layout Plan Drafting
- Carpark Layout Design
- Vehicle Swept Paths

General & Mechanical Engineering

With a long history of general and mechanical engineering, dating back to World War II, Smedley's Engineers has always been versatile in its ability to solve any problem or job it has been presented with. This remains the same today. The team members at Smedley's Engineers are experienced and trained in both general and mechanical engineering practices, including:
General Engineering
- Design for Machining, Fabrication, Fibre Reinforced Polymer and Additive Manufacture
- Reverse Engineering, 3D Scanning, Coordinate Measurement and Photogrammetry
- Design, Validation and Assessment to Australian Standards
Mechanical Engineering
Smedley's Engineers provides mechanical engineering services specific to each job request. To determine if Smedley's Engineers is capable of supporting your plans, please speak with one of our engineering consultants.

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Automotive Engineering Services

Automotive & Heavy Vehicle Engineering

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Infrastructure and Civil Engineering Services

Infrastructure & Civil Engineering

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General & Mechanical Engineering Services

General & Mechanical Engineering

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